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Our game tells the story of two fractured worlds, the spiritual realm, where the spirits live and the material one which is our own place of living. The spiritual realm is disturbed as the spirits have lost the links with the material realm, which is inert due to the lack of spirituality and life.

The players will have to recreate these links by making the spirits remember memories ringing real bells in our installation.

For Whom The Bells Toll is an installation in mixed reality in which you will have to find clues to appease the spirits by ringing bells. It will be displayed at the ENJMIN (National French School for Games and Digital Interactive Media) on October 2020. 
Behind this game, there's 11 students :

Core team :

Extended team :


BuildWin.zip 150 MB


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I love the idea behind this and it looked absolutely fantastic but maybe I missed something because I had absolutely no idea what the hell I was meant to be doing...

(This is the second game on the video)